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MRSA, VRE, CRE, C-DIFF, TB and Influenza are worrying issues, especially in hospitals and healthcare facilities.  These pathogens, along with the increasing danger of antibiotic-resistance, are a constant concern for infection control teams.  All of the above are developing varying levels of resistance to vancomyn, carbapenem and other traditional generic antibiotic treatments.

Disinfection of equipment and of entire rooms, especially high-burden areas where patients, staff and visitors are at risk from such things as TB contagions, is generally undertaken using traditional cleaning methods only.

It is the responsibility of infection control teams to investigate all avenues of additional protection against the above issues.

In Thailand alone there are approximately 40,000 patients and 13,000 deaths from Tuberculosis (TB) each year (Office of Policy & Strategy, 2010).

USA studies (Health Grades Hospital Quality, 2011) have shown there are over 40,000 harmful and/or lethal medical errors every day, resulting in one in twenty-five patients suffering from an unnecessary Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI).

Equally at risk are the very important hospital staff on the front line who are subjected to pathogens on a daily basis.  Young, healthy staff members can become carriers of diseases and unknowingly transport harmful pathogens to other areas; placing many others at risk.  These same staff members can also suffer from exposure to HAI issues.


Philips design and manufacture the 'Specialist Ultraviolet Lighting ' range of TUV lamps, which create UV-C energy at a near-optimal 254.7nm by electrical discharge through a low-pressure gas (5% mercury) enclosed in a quartz tube that prevents unwanted ozone being produced.

Philips has been at the forefront of medical UV systems for many decades and the brand is renowned for its quality, warranty and longevity.  Average tube lifetime efficiency is 9,000 hours, or one year of continuous use, before replacement is required.  All our UVGI systems contain genuine Philips technology.

The extensive portfolio of UV lamps and drivers allows for flexibility in system design and application.  This means that although this website contains a list of standard UV systems we are able to produce efficient solutions by creating tailor-made lamp configurations when required.

Clean Air (Thailand has been in business since 2007 and has operated in a range of business sectors including hotels and hospitality, factories and food processing, logistics, warehousing, commercial kitchens and healthcare facilities.  We also provide essential service and maintenance supports to all our customers.

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